WEBSITE HOSTING:  40 Mb (At 50 Kb per Web page, enough for about 800 Web pages)

     5 FREE E-MAIL accounts (incl. Webmail in your browser)- 10 Mb pm each

           FREE ACCESS or MYSQL or MSDE SQL Server database

                FREE DAILY INCREMENTAL & WEEKLY FULL BACKUPS. (Kept for 4 weeks)

                    FREE FTP, DNS, ASP, ASP.Net, CDONTS auto mailing, MS Search & Web log STATS

                      UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH = No Surprise Rx per Mb exceeding Y Mb bandwidth per month.

                       All these hosting services for R 160 pm  |  (Non-profit R 140 pm)

                       5% discount on monthly hosting if paid annually in advance

            DOMAIN REGISTRATION R 240 -  Annual renewal R 120  | (.com .biz  etc. R 500 Annually)

                   SET-UP R 250 per domain | (Non-profit R 200) - Once-off

                 WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT R 200 per hour - Quote on your specification | (Non-profit R 100 ph)

              NO VAT (but TAX INVOICES including VAT can be arranged through a sister company, if required).

          INTERNET CONNECTIONS - 56K Dialups, ISDN (64 or 128 K) & ADSL can be arranged at competitive rates.

      SMS to E-MAIL / E-MAIL to SMS Gateways at nominal costs

INTERESTED?  Contact ALAN HOLM on +27 (0) 82 373 1336 or e-mail


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